Monday, March 30, 2015

General Women's Session, my thoughts

I viewed the General Women's Session Saturday night. One of the topics where "The family is of God." This moved me to thinking more about my future family. Something that for me is scary to do. Being sick has challenges and dating has been definitely put in the back seat. I don't just date or believe in just having a boyfriend. I believe the relationship should always be a stepping stone towards marriage. But not to confuse what I am saying with you should just get married to whomever you date. I just mean the intent of marriage should always be in the future. Unless it's not Mr. Right... I still feel strongly that it is not the right time for me. So I will continue to wait until I feel differently. I know the place where I am right now, simply isn't the right time. It will come eventually... when the time is right... I don't know when but I know not today. I know this the most when I pray about it. When my heart feels differently I will then act. My health problems make it different. No not difficult. Different. I know whoever decides to marry me is going to have to have a lot of strong qualities... like patients, compassion, a deep understanding of chronic, living a whole different lifestyle, etc. It's a fact that it's a challenge being with a chronically ill person. But I know it can work and will when the time is right. P.s. I don't mean by when the time is perfect either lol because... is there such thing? Okay, I kinda strolled off my main topic that as of now I do not know if I will ever get pregnant... I know I will have children one way or another. But here's a few examples A. By choice due to it might not be the safest, I could get even sicker, and I could be so ill I miss out on raising my kids. B. I have Endometriosis one of the top three causes of infertility, I have gastroparesis and nutrition worries me a little, my blood pressure is wacky constantly. And much more....But I don't need to waste a lot of time here on this because I believe when that time comes with lots of praying and guidance from my heavenly father, I will know what to do. And you never know doctors and scientists may know more about it by that time or have cures. I trust in the Lord that in due time that he will let me know! But one thing is sure I will have a family. And I will share with them goodness and light... and of God and Jesus Christ. That's my earthly purpose at the end of the  day. Even if it is not picture perfect, it will be just fine because it will be of God. Family is number one always our current family now and our future ones to come! My family is in the kids are grown and no grandkids stage. It's a fun stage to be in we all get together and enjoy our time... but I know one day in the most likely nearer future things are going to change. There will be grandchildren and eventually I will find my Mr. Right. I like that I don't get too caught up in the future worries. I could worry all day about what-ifs. Something I know are blessings come in due time. God has heavenly plans for us, we just have to trust even for family planning. We are all children of God. He loves me, you, every single one of us. "The family is of God."-Chelle
To view the General Women's Session click the link.
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