Wednesday, March 25, 2015


I think my dessmopressin is helping my POTS.... kinda early to tell. Whatever makes this body of mine happy so I can move forward in life! However my Lichen Planus is just not letting up which means I get to pup my dose of Imuran (anti rejection medication used after transplants, that suppresses the immune system so the body doesn't fight off the new organ basically) which means my immune system will be even further suppressed. One day at a time... right??? :) I got this. I really wish I could heal all the ill and afflicted, or at least help them somehow.... hmph-until I blog again-Chelle
My body truly is rallying against me tonight, a weirdly long lasting bloody nose, extra nauseous (which equals dissolving zofran to the tongue)... not winning at upping my feeding rate it backed into my stomach, and a major thumbs down.

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