Monday, March 16, 2015

Heaven Has a Place on Earth

As I have mentioned before.... God is there always. Our Savior, Jesus Christ is always there.... and something that took many years and hardships to learn. Or I should say realize our guardian angels are there too. When we need them most. They are a sweet comfort from Heaven. To ease a troubled heart ache. Like flowers that bloom in the spring and snow that falls in winter. They aren't always there but we know when the time is right... they will be there. I love and am very blessed to have such a support in this life. "Be strong and of a good courage" be the light in this world... if there isn't any create it. Call upon God he love you always forever, no matter what. When I found God... and his beautiful blessings... I found me. Hilary weeks has a beautiful song called I found me about that. Spread some love xoxo- Chelle
 I took this photo after reading my bible last night. I felt full of love and the spirit. Those are the best part of life!