Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Big News

My doctor is ordering me a Mic-key Gastronomy Jejunal button tube. I could not be more excited!! My tube now is long, and dangles always... plus it has a enormous clamp! My j tube is starting to not stay closed due to just use but I may have left that out lol in no rush to switch out tubies (endoscopy/surgery)
But my new tube will be a tiny button with extension tubes you click into the button while using and remove when not in use. This Girl is Excited!!!

I also traveled 8hours yesterday for an appointment and ultrasound because I have more than normal pelvic pain. Especially on periods Endometriosis is stupid. I now an trying an option that until yesterday was not an option since surgery 3 years ago. I have a condition birth control pills can effect called vestibulitis. The hormones will hopefully stop my cycles causing no pain and hopefully helping my POTS get better because my cycle really triggers my POTS/DYSAUTONOMIA.It is a last resort type of thing. I was on horror-mones from 14 to age 19 for endometriosis and ovarian cysts... they never once worked, so I am a Debbie Downer about the situation (Sigh) I will keep focusing that my doctor said I don't need surgery yet! That's great news because I want my feeding tube changed!-Chelle