Monday, May 18, 2015

My Sickie Sleeping Secret!

You know by now I only share products,  or remedies that truly really work well for me! This I've only been using a month. It's inexpensive and natural. Which is funny because I wasn't one to follow any natural remedies... I kinda would scoff at them when physicians suggested it to me. (Not now) As you know my autonomic nervous system dysfunctions. That's what is wrong with me. A huge burden of that has been sleep deprivation. My brain literally would not shut off or go to sleep. Once, I didn't sleep a minute for a WHOLE week!! It was torture! I have taken antidepressants and sleeping pills for this with little help. When my doc suggested melatonin I ignored her... I kept going  "ya sure" until one day I broke down my stubbornness and bought it. Yep I take about one mg a night and sleep pretty well. I fall asleep within the hour and I sleep all night. My doc said I could take up to three mg. So wiggle room. So if you can't sleep try melatonin if you haven't yet... It's worth a shot! I would like to add I am not a medical professional nor do I take place as one... talk to your doctor first please**** if you're a tubie like me I use liquid melatonin through my jejunal tube. (Feeding Tube). -Chelle