Monday, May 4, 2015

Push through the Trial, Bask in the Victories.

These past few days have been incredibly rough, as well as, incredibly amazing. Friday started out rough finding out my Neuro isn't coming off medical leave until mid June. The anxiety builds just thinking about it! I have lost docs before it is not a walk in the park.... it's pure torture! So every time my doctor goes on some sort of leave. I panic. I also am doing horrible with getting my daily sodium and fluids in. But on the bright side I have recently recovered from a trauma to my pelvis, and years of therapy! It will always have some issues and there is a fine line not to cross with work outs. However, I (with nutrition) am able to work out. After about a month I finally gained enough strength to attempt bike riding... so that's my latest and greatest I got a new bike Friday! I cried while checking out.... three years ago I just knew I would never be able to do things like ride a bike ever again. I knew I'd never be active, and my physical therapist never inclined I would either... and believe me I kept asking in hopes they'd change there minds. So I put it in God's hands and kept trying. Kept pushing! Now look I have so much wrong with me but I am gaining strength... I know God has timing for me and plans. So, I will push through the trial and bask in the victories of my life. Xoxox-Chelle