Thursday, May 21, 2015

Woke up to Endometriosis

I will be staying right here in this bed all day!
Well I woke up early this morning to lovely Endometriosis pain. Can you say stabbing knifes into my pelvis? The pain has been persistent and high on the pain scale. I took Tylenol and it didn't work... so just 6 more hours of this until I can try pain pills.. I'll keep fighting you, you very stupid disease. With Endometriosis, at least for me when you have to start taking pain pills (narcotics) on your menstrual cycle... it's time for surgery (laparoscopy) via Dr. Anita Desai (for me) she is super good! As well as Dr. Michael Hibner!! At Advanced Pelvic Pain at St. Joseph's hospital in Phoenix AZ... bad news for me though... just when my POTS seemed to be stabilizing... I will have to chance my good stride for exchange of endometrial tissue excision. Oh, speaking of that. If you have ever wondered where I sit in the whole excision vs. Laser removal. I have had both and prefer excision it gets it all where laser can leave tissue behind. Have a blessed day xoxox-Chelle
To learn more about Endometriosis click this link to the EFA: