Saturday, January 23, 2016

Be Happy Life Cut You Down

Life can be devastatingly rough at times. Trails come and go. Sometimes with the trials comes frustrations or anger. We question, "why me?". (In my experience) we don't want to do the hard things. In fact I would bet if hard times didn't happen we wouldn't choose to go through them on our own. We would be content to stay fine and great always. However Our Loving Heavenly Father (like a loving parent would) sees our divine potential and is going to be the parent and test us, push us to our limits. But every time we get cut down and struggle, we are becoming a stronger better us. We grow in our moments of patience in life.  He sees the whole picture. The bigger picture besides the here and now. I always think to myself, "l may have been dealt a tough hand in this life but I am growing God is building me up." I think hard trials in life are worth it. I'd rather suffer here and be smarter for it because a day or a year on earth is merely seconds in eternity. Don't be afraid to be cut down because you are going to bloom into a beautiful soul one day at a time.-Chelle.
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