Friday, January 8, 2016

Tubie tips

I have found a new product for my  Gj tube stoma that works really well at creating a barrier. Makin my skin happy. (Pictures below) It's called Monkey Butt Powder. You can find it by baby powder typically.  Then we have aquaphore or petroleum jelly to protect the skin and use as a barrier as well. I always use one or the other depending on stoma conditions. If it's leaky I go towards the monkey butt powder. If it burns and is dry we use petroleum jelly or aquaphore to soothe dry chapped skin. And gj tube stoma pads are a must! They are so cute and comfy and help keep it dry. They also help prevent granulation tissue from growing. I find mine through etsy I really like Milostones and maddies tubies.  ...   I also just Macgyvered the little clear cover off the Christmas tree end of the tubing of my kangaroo Joey bag. I then noticed that in a crunch it fits into my tube (Mickey lo profile button) so I poked a whole in the tip and slipped it into the end of the tube and wah lah! A teensy gravity method but for a little medication it totally worked on my test try!
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