Thursday, January 7, 2016


I am sure you are wondering how my health is holding up... I am holding my own. I have more bad days then good days but I seem to be falling into a pattern. I wish I slept less and did not have to deal with Insonmia. I have migraines regularly now and I take medications and vitamins to help (6enzyme COQ10, riboflavin, and magnesium) it isn't a cure but helpful. I still  am tube fed but eating more by mouth. Still venting, and dealing with nausea and all the gastroparesis stuff always. I still havey port in my chest of fluids. All my diseases are flared up and currently bouncing off each other. I started picking my poison last night (starting more aggressive lichen planus treatment) I take 150mg of imuran a day always (immune suppressant) now we added a steroid prednisone (to further suppress my immune system in hopes this lean lp goes away) it's bothering my digestive track already at day one. I I'll be seeing a nephrologist (kidney doc) next month hopefully to get these crazy kidneys checked out. I also will be going back to a rheumatologist for lichen planus. My endometriosis had found its way back too. It's a party in this body of malfunctions. I still catch myself wondering how my brain got so sick.?MY brain...prayers for Mama's recovery thanks xo, Chelle 
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