Tuesday, January 12, 2016

One's day is Simplicity

Today I made it through a blood draw, physical therapy, Iv magnesium infusion, and to the health food store (for liquid melatonin to flush through my tube) I found a new oil though. I am already in love with Jasmine. I have noticed everytime I go in the Health Food Store I start smelling the testers... (That's how they get you) Then I think about buying up the whole store because maybe something, somewhere, in one of those bottles ... Is a magical cure. Just the right dash of whatever I needed (then I come back to reality) I have come to the conclusion however, I only like the ones that are relaxing. No matter what one I find. Whatever type I would even consider buying and not going, "disgusting!" and hurrying to put it back. (I know they aren't all suppose to smell "good" but if my body revolts at its existence well....) it's going to be to calming or relaxing. This body needs every anti stress remedy it can find.Oh well! We all know dysautonomiacs need our zen on. A very accomplished day! Lots of Love , Chelle
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