Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Ignorance is Bliss in the Medical Field

I had a fantastic wake up call today regarding a new specialist I am trying to see for my Lichen Planus. Yes, my pcp made the mistake of not sending records with my referral. So why did I get scorned? They couldn't simply pick up their phone and said, "hey we need records with referrals" to my doctor who sent the referral. Nope I had to hear all about it as if it were my fault. Then I remind the person on the phone that yes it's their job to call and do these things not the patients. I was very stern and continued asking "so your office does not call other offices and try to fix errors?" all I ever got was an "uh well" ( then brief subject change always back to a lecture of talking down to me (brow beating) me into doing  what they didn't feel like doing that day.  Followed up by more derogatory commands. I am so sick of being bullied by the medical field. For years I have dealt with all them. If I don't do someone else's paid job for them I get the reprocussion of their lazy actions. My life, my body, my whole being suffers. That's not fair and it needs to be fixed. I bet a lot of lives would be saved by using professionalism and common courtesy. Don't talk down to people talk up. Being sick is hard enough wether you understand that or not and work in the medical field find compassion  In your heart I promise your life will be more fulfilling! Wish me luck, Chelle 
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