Thursday, January 14, 2016

My Personal Note From God

Tonight I opened my scriptures. As I was opening them, upside down stuck out a little pamphlet thing. It was perfect timing. A tender mercy for me from my loving Heavenly Father. In the midst of a dreary I am too worn out to keep going week... My olive branch appears! It's going to be ok again!  I have been feeling out of sorts not as connected to heaven. Not feeling all the comforts and womderfulness it has to offer me. The words on this little paper read:" be true to the Lord and to his church. Regularly pray in private and read scriptures.  Keep your covenants and listen to the whisperings of the Spirit. The Lord will help you meet your trials and challenges." God wanted me to see this message to soak in and find better direction. He wanted to remind me of his plan. To let  me to know he is aware of my challenges, my struggles. I also had a strong hunch to read d&c 3:6 and it went right along with my note. God is there we just have to be willing to pay attention. Simply by listening to those whisperings of the spirits. Acting on our hunches... Following what we know it right for us.He answered very bluntly to my recent prayers and now it's time for me to act. I can do this the Lord and my Savior Jesus Christ just told me so. I have help and I guarantee if you open up your heart to the love and walk with him you too will have the ability to do the things you need to do in your life. But we have to walk on a straight path. We have to do the right things. Make the right choices. he has endless love for you no matter what happens, he will be there. Love, Chelle
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