Friday, January 15, 2016

My goodness, Angry Skin

I have slept for about two days straight only waking to eat. I have been carbo loading to say the least that prednisone sure messes with the human body! I am eating much less today however and dealing with mure severe repercussions for eating by mouth. Sleeping beauty woke up to realize how dehydration she is so now she is hooked up to her j tube "drinking" some pedialyte. It's currently showing and I feel the most person like that I have felt all day! My lichen planus is so severe that despite my best efforts nothing is working. We have changed to another immune suppressant typically used in kidney transplant  patients to lower the immune system. I am currently on a similar one but it's not doing the job. I'm in a lot of pain and overal feel unwell (hmmm I guess that's the price for a body that is attacking its own cells) I have never had a flare so bad in my life. (Or so painful)  my doctor commented "that I hit the genetic lottery " (sarcasm) and I laughed and agreed but it got me thinking... I did hit the genetic lottery but that's how God made me. I must have a lot of learning to do here in this life or God wouldn't have let me have all these trials to turn to triumphs. Lessons in disguise. I sure do hate this bucket of grief at the end of the day but I know it has its value. Peace and love, Chelle                                       Angry skin:
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