Thursday, July 7, 2016

Cardiac clearance and update 6/7/16

Well I received my cardiac clearance for surgery (I never doubted that I would get it) the cardiologist did not suit me. He was rude and knew of POTS but just enough to make him ignorant. Anyways, I have learned to just let them talk answer when you have to and "get through" the appointment. I don't aprecciate those appointments. All I want to do is leave. But it needed done and it's one more thing checked off my list. I am not feeling so good and I have been in a lot of pain especially yesterday my pain meds didn't even take care of it. But I know this pain came at the right time. It made it so clear how much I do need this surgery and putting it off would be foolish to my POTS because pain makes POTS angry which then causes a domino effect of many symptoms. Plus if I am in pain my Endo is growing enough to cause the pains... I am going to have to fall backwards these next couple months to fall forwards. Endometriosis find a new house to live in my organs don't need you there. Sorry not sorry. Haha (we will be excising lesions of Endometriosis and taking biopsies to check for micro endometriosis growing which I have it grows all over in places and can't be seen! Also will be trying the Skyla. That makes me most nervous because I have so many issues on hormones of any sorts. I simply don't tolerate them the Norman ways. Fingers crossed this will be my helper to keep my endo at bay...tomorrow will be an early appointment with Dr. Desai my surgeon and then I have some weirdo hospitalitst visit for pre surgery that they do now. They are suppose to go over med lists and histories and draw labs and all that. (the stuff they normally do while you wait for surgery. I'm curious to see what repeats happen on surgery day. I'm just skeptical) this heat is melting my brain literally my slurring my speech at times. My thoughts are jumbled, and I'm pretty tired out. And those darn kidneys kinda are mad. Yes heat apparently is effecting my kidneys through my POTS. Feeds are low but higher. And I will have them up for surgery the 26th. Getting nervous, not so much of the surgery itself but what my body will do because of it...also still trying to get neuro and kidney specialist to talk to each other I am suppose to be weening down to one liter fluids a night instead of two and upping fluocortisone... Making my symptoms even more better then they have been with this treatment (if you aren't filled in) kidney doc found out my kidneys produce too much urine and are kicking out my sodium (an essential electrolyte). So I was literally dehydrating myself. So they'd up my fluids for blood volume all of this is POTS but it was only adding fuel to the fire. So hopefully sometime soon we can fix this!! It's driving me bananas. Just call each other! (Which I know they do because she told me they do) because my neuro isn't getting I need one separate liter normal saline with all the potassium and mag in it (so I will no matter what get those essential electrolytes) and then a whole different bag of one liter of just plain normal salien . He keeps putting it all in one big two liter bag. I need two seperate one liter bags. Bless this mess, lots of love-Chelle 
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