Friday, July 15, 2016

Stoma healing. More prayers please.

I am better and sleeping like a rock these days. I am pleased to announce the virus is mostly behind me! Plus I am not full of germs so I can use my treat organic lip balm again! (Do you hear the angels singing ahhhhh) so I am so thrilled about that little tiny aspect of life haha. I don't like my tube (as you've heard) and the bumper will not stay in place. Which is causing me pain and complications. So though, I fight to keep the bumper tight all day. (A bumper is on the outside of tube. Right at the stoma site. You want to keep it up against  your skin for healing and other wise your setting yourself up for granulation tissue. It also supports the tube and stabilizes the tube. I know I have granulation tissue inside. The pain is sharp and I bleed. The pain goes from my stoma up to my old scar in my esophagus... So my efforts have not left optimal healing. So I am taping now 24/7 and this tube is going to behave itself. Three times in 15 min my bumper has come loose. So I'll probably be adding tape to that sucker too! This is the real Tubie life ...I will be nagging my GI too! Want a new tube this one is broken or malfunctioning at the least! #thereallifeofatubie  ... I have a friend having Endometriosis surgery today we would appreciate prayers for her as we all know POTS and surgery don't mix well. Please continue praying for my cousins sweet baby girl she is in PICU on life support. Lots of healing and comfort prayers today! Weighs on a heart but makes us ponder how valuable life and health is. Sending me love to all! Thanks xo!-Chelle 
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