Saturday, July 23, 2016

Packing chronic

This is what my hospital bag looks like all over my bed!
I have too much medical crap! I even have to bring it to the hospital to use that's how much medical garb I have!! Yikes! This is getting stressful and I am ready to have the next few days behind me! I just ate my stress and you can't do that with Gastroparesis!! A big No No! I learned quickly that I am going to be vomiting for the rest of the night. It's just been a few minutes and the bloat begins! (And the vomiting. I am using gastric decompression)   My tummy just hates food! Nerves get me everytime! Here is a photo of my now THREE pumps and THREE bags on the Iv pole! And of course a messy unmade bed. Sorry folks but I am not sorry I have a real life!
It's suppose to be a step forward but it takes a lot longer to hookup to all this!
Not included in the photo was my gastric tube being used so I had 4tubes at once! #tubielife. On the bright side, (literally) I painted my toe nails!
Which is a big effort and hard for me to accomplish for me these days. Between the unsteady shaky hands and the weird eye focus, and the dash of POTS and bending over for so long...(then the fact that no one sees them anymore with wearing compressions a lot.... Gotta have something pretty and sparkly to stare at all next week! lol I don't know if I have already mentioned my glitter story but every single time I have been upset or really sick causing anxiety (as you know my health has declined since May.) via not the best nutrition and daily migraines out of control and that bad virus. I am down 10  pounds. And I lost a full 6 months  of hard work getting muscle tone back to this deconditioned body. Now in a few days I have surgery and a recovery from that... I pray after recovery I can get back to recovering. (The neurological stand point) That one of the hardest facts is that I have Tubie issues and have bad nutrition times or I physically can't get out of bed. My POTS won't let me... The recovery for me is never ending. I am fighting daily to do simple tasks  that I never thought twice about in  "my old life" the story goes that every time my heart hurts pretty much I see a piece of glitter, either on me, on my hair? , or on something randomly in my site. Practically everytime I feel like crying. But it's there either way. I know I have a special angel sending me my Random sparkle to my days. (I don't have a bunch of glittery things I have a shirt that has glitter but it's gold and I have yet to find a gold shimmer of glitter. (At first I was like, "ooh pretty sparkles!" but then it was like, "where are these things coming from" They follow my to appointments all over the place?) within a few weeks I figure out that  Heaven is watching over me during hard times. I am lucky to be blessed with glitter lol  So with that being said I was sure to douse my toes in sparkles for good luck! Xo -Chelle 
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