Sunday, July 17, 2016

Let's Help Our Sweet Baby Brooklynn

This link Holds Brooklynn's Story on her GoFundme page!
This week has been a very hard week for a few family members of mine. As I am always posting of my life as Chronically ill, along with my faith of being chronically ill, and all those lessons in between. I have strong faith this baby girl is an amazing superstar of a soul already. My heart breaks though, tears have been shed knowing what hardships she is already and will  be facing in the future. No, I haven't been on life support or any of the trauma sweet Brooklynn has been through post my first few months in life as a preemie. I don't remember them. But I know how hard it is being sick a lot, seeking care, going through therapies, and the financial end of it too. I can't imagine the burdens she has surpassed this week all while wearing a tiara. But as I state the hardships... one thing I do know is Brooklynn MUST be one very special girl. She has shown her fierce side this week and her willingness to fight. (like a diva) I am proud little miss! You just keep up that strong fight and we will help with the rest! And if anything remember how much Our loving Heavenly Father loves you so very much  and you have a plan. And you have a huge family that loves you too! Even us crazy distant cousins. The journey won't be easy on you, you're Momma and Daddy (who love you so very much) and your siblings (may not always understand right now, but one day they will)... they might have bad moments with you, but that's because they care so very much for you. Love is a strong word and girl you are full of your family's love and care for you. I know with that you will be okay. You will also be blessed in so many ways that might not seem so obvious at first. How could this become anything good? I know. It is hard! But you will have moments of progress and You , Mom, Dad, Sister, and brother will be there cheering you on with excitements and giggles of gladness. You are a superstar Sweet  Pea and I have a strong faith that you will be okay! Rest, let us pray, send our love, offer help, and send our well wishes. But know we are here for you in one way or another. I won't stop praying. I won't ever quit. I care about your journey. You have one crazy distant cousin you haven't met but she is cheering you on!! Because she knows Brooklynn, Charnae, Ryan, Bentley, and Carter can all do this. You will come together to conquer. And Heavenly Father is in your life. How lucky you are little miss! You will never spend a day alone. Get mad, fight, cry, and become a toughie! It's hard but you will gain the knowledge of a life time and you are a sweet example to all of us! A little spark of inspiration in this world. I see it. You already are inspiring others. You have inspired me. I hope we meet soon! keep up that fight Honey Bunny! Sending you so much love and computer hugs- Chelle
IF you want to read Brooklynn's story here is her GoFund me page link... Please donate if you can! This family could use the boost with a 3+month hospital stay and I am sure much more! They also have two other children. Let's send our support to them during this trialing time in their lives. Medical Bills are just an added worry they don't need right now. They need their energy for Their kiddos! Thank You!-Chelle
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