Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Surgery update/info

I had my Endometriosis excision (removal) surgery bright and early today!

It went well and I am in the hospy for until tomorrow on observation with my Dysautonomia/POTS to avoid any complications that way. Today went well and I spent the afternoon munching crackers and falling asleep in between to wake up to crackers sitting on my chest! Haha. Now waiting hoping to fully get my pain in control. I did finally get up and "walk" I am not too shabby but hurting more I am sure it's because, 
I'm more awake now and night time is coming. (Everything hurts more in the night). They did find some Endometrosis and I also have microscopic Endometriosis. (We already knew from 2012) however my Surgeon talked to my parents after surgery because well you know anestesia and drugs! My uterus is now abnormal and she didn't know why but it has gone mushy and soft. They are suppose to be hard. I will know more at post op appointment. May be getting a hysterectomy. (It won't need to be soon soon it's not dangerous) *if I even choose to do it* but may be the reason for all my pain. I already made the decision to adopt my children after finding out my Dysautonomia/POTS would have a big chance of worsening with a pregnancy or right after a pregnancy. I don't just care about my boy so great health but with Gastroparesis I feel it would be a risk to my child as well. There are plenty of kids to love in this world and I wasn't always so sure of this decision (especially at 14yrs when this endometriosis showed its true colors) but with many prayers it is a decision God has put in my heart with great peace. Keep an eye out I will update as much as possible! Xo! -Chelle 
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