Sunday, July 10, 2016

Sometimes chronically ill makes doctors have tunnel vision

So yesterday I woke with a sore throat. I thought, "oh great I have strep." Took benedryl, morning meds, along with nausea meds. An hour later I took some pain med and all went super south. Bottom line I was inscrautiating pain all day long. Especially in my spine a and a migraine .... Dysautonomia. We made it to the ER and they filled my of high powered meds. But they didn't listen to what I was telling them. I felt feverish. My pain never got in control. I was actually just worsening with time and left in pain. I came home, hooked to IVs because my potassium was a little low. Had a blessing and tried to tough out the night. I still can't believe how crazy yesterday was it is all a blur of pain. Out of control pain too. In my spine, stomach ribs, migraines, but what I found funny after my mom called and they said to bring me back was that. They gave me simpler meds and basically got nausea and fever to break. Swabbed for strep. Then did imagining. Seriously! If all doctors did that I'd be in such better shape ignore the big beastly disease to a point and go over the obvious thing first then add in diseases. That's all it took was a little time with the right treatment. They decided a very strange virus of some sort (especially with all the in and outs of hospitals I do) and of course my Gastroparesis and POTS will flare when I get regular sick ( cold,flu, infection, Ect)  we got home at four a.m. And I crashed woke up fever feeling and flu aches but I am fever free for now. Blessings do work. And yes my doctor and nurse last night was a blessing! Hoping this passes soon-Chelle 
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