Thursday, July 14, 2016

Human again

I'm human again! Praying and fingers are crossed u stay this way!! No Tylenol today and no fever all day long!!! First day of that! I still have the sniffles but I am much better. I even picked up my messy room (I came home from our trip sick so I didn't unpack) and I don't hair have clothes and makeup and that stuff... I have feeding supplies, port supplies, Iv supplies, medications, the list seems endless. I also had a delivery of my week supply of Iv stuff I didn't touch I always put it all away but I was too ill. And I got my delivery of ivs and port supplies this morning. Yesterday came all my feeding supplies. I have gotten it all put away! I have been washing my bedding and Lysoling everything in this house! My weight is down I have lost my muscles but I am determined to push through the next few weeks and get back to life again. 
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