Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Simple Tuesday.

Wasn't Conference Great!!

Yesterday reality hit and I felt sad all day...  Today I felt sad because what I used to do when I was sad or anything was bake. It was therapeutic for me! Now that I can barley eat... and with how sickly I have been baking is HARD. REALLY HARD! Today though I was determined to bring back a piece of myself. I was looking up recipes online that are okay for me to eat. I had about 1/4 of a pediasure and sure enough I threw it up. That did put a kink in my plan and I was sad once again. So I rested, recharged, & got my Jackie Chan on! I did the task of baking and I did very much enjoy it!! <3 and I felt alive all over again!
These "muffins" are bland and I mean they have no taste to them a little bit like cardboard. but I am still happy! my new diet is going to be a challenge and I will learn more this Friday!