Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Patience and Pacing.

The other night I had one of those "ah-ha" moments! I realized I get myself all worked up about nothing sometimes and I rush like crazy. I had been praying and that particular night I was reminded to pace myself. I thought pace myself? Since then, of course I have been paying more attention to my habits and sure enough I have a horrible problem with hurrying and getting all in a tizzy. My other biggest weakness...worry...and impatience. So I have been trying to change these things and just be a better me. Heavenly Father wants me to be more calm and pace myself. Now just being mindful about the problem helps me to realize when I am doing this so I can reverse my actions. But my biggest tool is a timer or an alarm. From being sick for so long I have lost that internal clock thing... I never can tell how long anything has been. I always need a clock. Also while doing tasks I seem to take a really long time for some reason. Now what have i done this week to help me with this? I set my alarm to a few minutes before i need to move on to my next task or leave. It keeps me calmer because then I am not rushing.  which in turn has given me more patience. Which has lead to more peacefulness and patience in my life. This picture was on Facebook today I just know the depths of these truths and i had to share. Listen to those instincts and instructions. xo-Chelle