Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Meet the Mormons!

Have you heard about the new documentary Meet the Mormons??? It is coming to a theater near you! yes you! This is a movie about well Mormons A.K.A The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints. You may also have hear the term or name LDS. THIS MOVIE IS IN NO WAY A FORM OF CONVERSION OR MENT FOR THAT USE, THERE WILL BE NO MISSIONARIES PRESENT*** The sole purpose of this is to give you a chance to see what Mormonism is all is to show who we are and what we do and our beliefs... and how they fit in our life's. This presentation will have members from all over the world with different stories and life's. So if you are curious grab a friend... all if fails, and you don't like it... you will at least have comfort knowing the church will be making NO. ZIP.ZERO. profits from this film...ALL PROCEEDS WILL BE GOING TO A CHARITY!!! 100% OF THE PROCEED TO CHARITY! So, if this sparks your curiosity and you are able and feel like attending #meetthemormons comes out on October 10th. If you are a member and feel like going go! but it is in no way a 'have to' event! here is a link for more info!  #meetthemormons.
P.S. On Facebook today I downloaded the song Glorious by #davidarchuleta today for FREE... he wrote this song for the film plus it is a beautiful song! So go to Meet the Mormons Facebook page if you want to know more about the song and the film!!
           I am feeling so much better (mentally) my body still is very unhappy and chronically ill but my cheer is back and I feel great! (and honestly can say it is 100% due to my faith in the Church A.K.A God and My savior, Jesus Christ! and the General Women's Meeting! I definitely am thankful for this upcoming General Conference! time to soak up some spiritual goodness and guidance :) I am a true believer we all each and every one of us have a purpose here on this earth! Yes, I am not perfect and life gets me down at times but with the knowledge of my Savior and loving Father in heaven, I can get through the bad...trials truly bring the biggest blessing and I am saying this from the very bottom of my is a knowledge I have gained in this life <3 Don't get discouraged. It will all work out whatever you are facing via illness or a dispute with a family member or friend, a bad day, ect... lots of love -Chelle