Thursday, April 30, 2015

Strength Building in Odd Situations

I don't do much on a daily basis. I wake-up, take Mr. Wrecker out, sit in the sun minute. Come back in spend a few minutes on my tablet. I work out via POTS treatment (if my healed traumas of the pelvis let me) Typically I feel good after work outs but I am dead tired and need down time. After resting I may attempt a snack. On nice days, like yesterday, I lay out in the sun to soak up some good sun vitamins. I also think fresh air is important for chronically ill. Now this may seem nice and relaxing but my body has intolerance to heat. My POTS also causes my body to dehydrate and kicks out my electrolytes. So getting warm is a balancing act. Some days i put make up on now. I forgot how much I truly love make up. With being sick, make up becomes the least of your worries. Do you care about make-up when you have the flu? I lost a true friend there though. A hobby, now retook. I love makeup!  I have picked up and  love crocheting... so that's my days right now. Improvements yes, still far from where I want to be yes. But I just focus on the muscles I am gaining. Strength is lovely! Oh, yes you can be extremely ill and in shape apparently...another POTS phenomenon to me. Xo, find your strengths today!-Chelle

I am fully aware that I am not buff lol my muscles are tiny but I have some!!! Hehe. Proud of my progress!

Make up on face. Another step forward! P.S. never forget your smile.