Monday, January 19, 2015

Gotta Start Somewhere.

I received my Nasojejunal tube last Thursdays and started my feeds Friday. I am receiving 10ml. and hour. Not very much. It measures up to about 8 FL oz. a day. I got out of  the house today for the first time! I just wish someone warned me about the looks from others. I don't mind the children for they are just curious and that definitely is okay. I just really do not like the looks from the adults.... they look at me with pure sadness. It breaks my heart. I kind of really want to yell out "HEY I AM NOT DYING. I JUST CAN'T EAT." I guess I can appreciate the compassion though. The weirder looks came when I had some snacks in  my hand at the store. There is a misconception I'd like to clear up right now... Now not all cases of feeding tube patients can eat by mouth. But I can eat some by mouth just very very little. I feel like I am in a hospital in my own home right now... But I am thankful for my tubes to keep me alive! One step at a time, one day at a time-Chelle