Thursday, January 8, 2015


I am now a BIG fan of Oxiclean! I had the biggest fright last night with my Picc line...
I luckily was awake! I was sitting in bed at 2 A.M. frustrated I could not sleep. When all the sudden I was in a big pile of my own blood (and lipids)!  I knew automatically it was from my Picc line and I assessed the situation. I have a tube called a Y-site that looks like a letter Y. This is so I can hook up to lipids and TPN at the same time. (so 2 separate bags, and 2 separate tubes connect to the Y-site and that connects to my Picc line.) Well, my lipids came off the Y-site and where pumping all over my bed. But that is not the worst part in the few minutes I had been sitting there my blood was pumping out of my Picc line and let me telling you it was flying out! That is the scary part, I worry if I would of been asleep would I have bled to death? Maybe my insomnia is a blessing!! I definitely want my J/G tubes now! (by now I mean yesterday) Back to the story... I was bleeding all over and lipids were pumping all over. I hurriedly grabbed a washcloth and covered up the y site which made me laugh because I really needed to clamp it off to discontinue the bleeding and I was panicking so I tried to stop it with a wash cloth. It took me seconds to go oh yeah clamp.  I got my hands semi clean and luckily I have some wipes in my room too on my medical shelf. I went to town with those and started sopping up the blood with my washcloth and wipes and pulling off my bedding to toss in the wash. My new robe I just received for Christmas unfortunately also was drenched in blood! It is white with light purple zebra stripes. I was so sad looking at it all blood stained. but I got my bag and everything wipped up the best I could. Then I just tossed it all in the wash and I put a TON of Oxiclean in there with it and a tide pod. I am happy to announce my blood soaked sheets, pillows, and robe where all 100% stain free! Not a trace there! Yay! so I am an Oxiclean fan (and of course tide).  I am so blessed I was awake last night! Stay safe from those picc lines! xoxo- Chelle