Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I Don't Want To Forget My Pain.

               Some people say that the pain will all be worth it. That you will gain so much more. That you will grow strong from pain. That one day you will forget your pain..... I think pain allows us to appreciate things more. Sure, we grow from pain and in the end are stronger. But will we forget that pain? The pain that coils in-between ever fiber of our lives? I think not. I think that we remember. We remember it and the lessons behind it (pain). We think back and look at progress. We look back and see the lesson. The memory of pain is still there, that pain is still going to be there. Forever a part of our lives. Whether it is permanent pain A.K.A chronic, short-term pain A.K.A recovery/illness (like the flu), or emotional pain. Our minds are going to remember it. And in a big sense it sucks! However, whether the storm was short, years long, or life long. We weathered it. We fought it. WE did gain from it much more then we lost. I have gained something too large to ever price. My testimony that God is real. That Jesus Christ is our redeemer. both with endless love if we just come unto them and follow them. Before pain I did not know that. Pain and struggles brought me to God. Opened up my life for so much more meaning. My life has purpose. I wasn't just put on this earth to be here. I have a plan, eternal. I have a father in Heaven with endless love for me. And through that I can find peace. But the pain... I am not so sure I want to forget. -Chelle