Monday, January 5, 2015

Late Christmas Dainties

reindeer in the garbage...broken.
I had a sad moment Christmas day, when my only and favorite Christmas decoration broke! My reindeer Cookie Jar.... I barley hit it with it's lid & the glass shattered. Along with a piece of my heart. I have had that deer for many years you see... I got him at my LAST Hatch family Christmas party. (My Grandma's family) I had gone to those Christmas parties my whole life and as you get older those things tend to drift with your childhood. I have many good memories from those parties and the last time I attended I had no clue it would be my last. But it was and I have treasured that jar since. Rest in Peace reindeer jar <3
ON a brighter note...
The other night it snowed and I of course couldn't resist the urge to make an angel! Mr. Wrecker had fun in the snow too.
Don't mind my makeup stained/smeared face. I know it looks awful but I just wanted to snap a photo of my new favorite blanket my sister gave me for Christmas. In my theory no sick person can EVER have TOO many BLANKETS. It is IMPOSSIBLE. :)