Saturday, January 24, 2015

"You are strong."

Since sharing my illness with others, I have received a lot of admiration and compliments. They range from you are "strong", "how do you be so  positive through such hardships", and a lot of sympathy. All which kind words are appreciated! The only answer I have is that I the only way I can do all this is through God and my savior Jesus Christ. Through the knowledge of the Gospel. I know this Church is true. I know my Savior died for me and because of this I get to live a wonderful forgiving life. Though times are not always so great and I do get tested to my wits ends some days. I know that if I keep going with God in my heart I will get through. I know my prayers are answered even if they seem to be sometimes in an untimely fashion. He is there. Always. This is the only thing that makes being sick "easier" I know that "trials bring the biggest blessings in life." in their own timings. We all have trials that is what life is about learning and improving ourselves in God's eyes. My strength is found in the words of the bible and the book of Mormon. Listening to promptings. Those are the things that truly keep my head above water. That make those seamlessly long days that feel like they will never end be okay. When I feel like I am missing out in life, it is the reminder I am here for a reason. Everything happens for a reason. With faith I can testify that God is real Jesus Christ is real. The Church of Latter Day Saints is real. Me being a Mormon is real. It is what gives my life purpose. It is my true strength.  " I know it. I live it. I love it"- Ann M. Dibb 
New Nasojejunal tube, messy hospy hair, and one very sore nose.
After spending a day in the E.R. for a clogged Nasojejunal tube... I ended up getting a new tube. It was awful and painful. (when they removed the old tube my nose swelled and they had a hard time getting the new one in) The trauma my body went through getting the new tube placed cause a lot of pain and threw me straight into a POTS flare and I was miserably Hospitalized yesterday evening. They never did get my pain under control with Morphine and even Dilauded... it was a true test. I am happy that I did get to come home today and am feeling much better. -Chelle