Wednesday, January 28, 2015


The past few days I have spent feeling sorry for myself, being angry, bitter, depressed... life is not fair that's a fact! I try to stay positive but sometimes having all these medical issues just pull you down. Honestly I do not think you even have a choice in it sometimes. You have to greive the pain that everything has changed, life will never be the same again, that you are sick for the rest of your life (unlcess a cure is found), that it is rough to go through this. It is part of being chronically ill. We hit breaking point and that is that. That does not mean we aren't positive, happy, faithful, knowledgeable... we just have to well vent. And I now know when those dreary days come and I mean I dread them! That in a few days I will have worked out all my emotions and be back up on the horse again for another ride. That is just how it works sometimes. Life is mean unfortunetly and we have to rely on our savior during those times (even when we are angry and may not want to)    if we do it definetly makes our life's sweeter and those bittersweet moments occur more with Christ in out hearts with the plan of eternity in mind. We will be whole again someday <3-Chelle