Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Self Worth.

I am just trying to enjoy life. It may not be the regular average life but it is my life. Sick or not. Sickness is not who I am. It doesn't range the value of me. I read a quote yesterday that said, "We did not come to this earth to find our worth. We came to this earth with worth." or something like that anyways. (POTS Brain fog) I find that very true. I also find that is not something we hear or talk about  a lot. So I decided to blog it. You have a very high worth in this life... don't forget it! Hold your head high in any circumstance. Celebrate the little things. Today I made my bed and I am super proud of myself! Such things aren't easy for me anymore but I am going to just keep pushing... because I am worth it.
I am still on 10ml. an hour of feed through my nasojejunal tube until Friday. I will go up to 15 ml... -Chelle