Tuesday, April 7, 2015

aquaphore post reply

P.s. I forgot about the aquaphore post earlier.... I LOVE it! I use it for around my tube site and for extremely dry lips.... as you know with having POTS we tend to be dehydrated causing dry skin...I have tried hundreds of chapstick products for this annoyance and when your lips are peeling A. It's hard to feel pretty and B. Lipstick and lip gloss just make the issue worse ....so putting it over the lip liners,sticks etc really helps. Hands down my opinion, don't waste your money on anything else if you are struggling with this issue just get the aquaphore and use it...I know it's on the expensive end but for me anyways it truly works wonders! Plus it keeps my tube site happy and not dry or sore... however I don't use it daily around the tube... I use it often though. Anyways, hope life is treating you well, xo! Until I blog again-Chelle