Friday, April 17, 2015

Food Angels

Tonight while prepping my feeds... I was (strangely) very focused on the Pedialyte. First, I shook it up well. And while opening and pouring I was strongly urged that something just wasn't right about this Pedialyte though to me it seemed perfectly fine. So I went forward with the prompting and was conscious while pouring the Pedialyte into my feeding bag. while pouring I noticed a black discoloration that you could only see on the side of the bottle where I had been pouring. Then the gross part came I looked into the bottle and at the bottom of what was left was a icky looking black cloudy thing. yuck! I felt truly safe. I worry about things a lot, safety for instance but tonight I wasn't even paying attention and God kept me safe and on my toes. That's where I have came to the conclusion I must bless my food, something I've taken for granted. Always bless your food, life lesson-Chelle