Saturday, April 25, 2015

My love for Mr. Wrecker

I am glad to announce my sleeping pattern is SO much better!! But this week has been a POTSie's challenge. (Just a little catch up)
 this post however is NOT about me. This is totally about what an awesome Dog I have. Mr. Wrecker is more than a loyal dog to me, but is a best friend.
Isn't he the cutest??? He literally did this to himself the other day with his leash and couldn't fix it....He is there always no matter what. Thick and thin. Good and bad...night and day. He comforts me when I am sad or scared. He makes me laugh when I am mad. Something that just still shocks me, (I realized this during the week while fixing my sleeping schedule) My pup dog will even stay up when he's dead  tired just because I am awake. This whole week he has shown me some serious strength as a dog. He stays night after night awake with me during bad sick nights. He literally alerts the family when I am sick. He goes and gets help for me when I can't. Mr. Wrecker has never been trained or taught to do this. But is something he has always just done. Wrecker is a saving grace and caretaker at times. I know he knows I am sickly and he knows when I need help. He also likes to lick my face in these situations... I know he does this because he thinks he's helping me, he gets afraid when i am ill and that's all he knows to do, but I also secretly know he does it just because it's the only time he can get away with it! hahaha But big slobbery kisses are okay in times of need, either way. Thanks for the endless love and care puppy dog! YOU are the best, sweetest hearted animal around! I am so lucky you are mine. Even if you grew three times the size you were ever suppose to, turned totally opposite in fur colouring, and won't stay in the yard without a leash. I wouldn't trade you for anything! May you always dream of endless French frys. Xoxox-Chelle