Wednesday, August 19, 2015

All in my stressed head

Yesterday was a very long day. I was I. The e.r. Getting my port "checked " . Sadly even with all my serious diagnosises, several tubes sticking out of me, I still get the all in my head treatment plan. The doctors refuse to do proper testing because it's not necessary (it was so necessary) what happened was I had port pain. When you have a port you always take pain and all symptoms  seriously. My pcp sent me to the e.r for a port work up. Now my worry was a blood clot around the port not in the catheter itself outside of it. My pcp was concerned too because of my history of clots with my picc line. So I was sent to the e.r. For  a work up.  But because I have a dysautonomia I get the shaft. They don't even use that information. Instead they push it aside and simply choose to ignore I even have the disease. The x Ray came about an hour and a half if being there and then The doc decided she wanted me to go home.  X rays show the port placement. I forced them to do lab cultures (so they did those) to chador infection.  I wanted to talk to my doctor just ask some questions but unfortunately the doctor wouldn't even take a moment to talk to me. She sent messengers in. Finally they were sending me home no matter what. My problem was I came to get checked for clots and they wouldn't do the test. Instead they thought it made more since to expose me to radiation rather than to do a test called an ultrasound (simple test)to rule out placement and if I had a clot around my line.  To me the scary part was I  asked, "so I have no blood clot ?" "The x Ray shows that.?" Their reply, "yes your port flushes you have no clot or the port wouldn't be flushing" (the port can get blood clots inside of the device in which they typically can dissolve and continue use) I replied "no I have been saying on the outside of the cathader in the vein.  That's where I previously had them" their reply "you don't have anything blocking your port so you are good" (it didn't make sense)  oh and they tested me for stress because I am "crazy" because they are careless.                                                     So I went back to my pcp she did a stat ultrasound. thank goodness had some prayers answered and no clots were found!!! My pain is a mystery still but I am not worried anymore. It will take time for labs to come back. As I was sitting in the e.r. With my newest scary symptoms I realized I had been just thrown in a room the p.a. Would have left when he entered my room if he could have. I was more  understanding of that type treatment and being treated like I am crazy in the head, before diagnosises but I have some big diagnosises and I can have serious issues. Yet I get treated like I am less than human. No respect. Never a kind word. And it builds on a person. The doctors don't have to like me. But they should treat me and treat me responsibily Not put my health in jeopardy. Because they don't want to deal with the complex girl. I am sick and my biggest fear now is not getting the help I need, when I need it due to someone's judgements of me and my illnesses. I always say don't judge a book by its cover because every book has an awesome story to tell. I wish more physicians would look through the disease ridden body and focus on the person that is right in front of them and remember the oath that they took.  No matter what the situation-Chelle