Friday, August 28, 2015


Yesterday I woke up in a gastroparesis flare. It was a long painful sick day...  Lots of yucky yellow bile (bags full I vented our my gastric tube) I ended my night on the kitchen floor wrenching to no end trying to get my medicine crushed and in my intestine.
No eating and what I eat has to be vented out my g tube (so no nutritional value by mouth) plus I only tolerated 20ml of pedialyte only through my j...minimal calories) I ate a donut tonight though and it stayed yay! Now I am sure you're thinking, "a donut really?" Hey it was yummy and some calories. I typically eat nothing in these situations but random junk foods my body craves. I didn't always. It used to be soup and crackers.(crackers I still eat. Soups I have thrown up too much... I hate soup right now and jello) taking it I strides. I still decided that I could go on my walk, and I almost didn't make it back without passing out. I kept telling myself "you will not stop. you will not pass out. Oh please don't pass out!" My mom dragged me home and straight to the chair. I felt awful so we ran salt and pedialyte through j tube until I mustered the strength to access my port for Iv fluids. Now I am freezing snuggled up in my blanket so tired (Iv makes me so cold)-Chelle