Friday, August 21, 2015

Stepping Stones

Today I did something so amazing!! I with all my physical challenges accomplished a goal I have wanted to conquer for YEARS!!! My body has been to broken and weak. Now I am not declaring cures in any way but I had the best day today!! I walked my old stomping grounds, Fools Hollow Lake. As a kid we spent our summers here since we live so close. And we would walk around the path countless times. I have shed tears over the thought of not being able to probably do this again. I have had countless physical therapy (rehabilitation) and several illnesses take me down. I still did it. I am feeling so tired and sore but so alive inside. I know my savior stood beside me and has helped me in so many ways this week. Feeling oh so blessed, my heart is beaming!! Keep going you don't know what lies ahead just around the corners of life-Chelle
We ended with a tired and sore Chelle who needed electrolytes replaced and salt via j tube ...but happy!