Saturday, August 8, 2015

GP Awareness

As I have mentioned I have GP A.K.A gastroparesis. August is gastroparesis awareness month. So here is a tid bit fact of how I take my medication without being sick! I first have to crush all pills (which I until the other day had to do by hand) ouch! However here is a tip GPers! Use a coffee grinder to crush pills. This works like a charm and it is on the cheap! Then I use a 69ml syringe after mixing in salt water (salt for my POTS) and I flush through my j tube. Now a j tube is a jejunal tube. The j tube goes into the jejunal which is the small intestine and that is where my meds and formula go so I do not get sick. The good part it bypasses my stomach so no pukies and less pain but the bad part is less in tummy and I tend to get hungry. Now you know-Chelle