Tuesday, August 25, 2015

things are not What they seem

Tonight I am overwhelmed with the tender mercies in my life. They are so clear to me right now and I don't think I have ever really stopped to pay attention to them. I was too focused on getting better or figuring out my next step, or trying to get through the day. I always think, "wow life was so not supposed to turn out this way!" Or "I did not choose this disease." But I know I did in the pre existing. I took this battle, I was given this battle. Tonight I realized how extremely lucky I am for being in this place that I never could have imagined. Sure, I never planned Dysautonomia but good things have came to me through this awful disease. My heart at the end of the day is bigger. I have a better understanding of this life. The importance of life. I never dreamed these awful things Would happen to me but I also never imagined all these good, positive, blessings in my life. Like my loving support group of strangers who battle the same battles as I do yet take the time to help me or pull me up when I need it. I have never met a stronger group of people and I never would have without my Dysautonomia. God loves me and he loves you I promise that! I have have so many heaven's  blessings. such an out pouring of love from family and friends (and strangers) The simple little things matter. The heart matters. I now could never imagine a life without the tender mercies that Dysautonomia brings me-Chelle