Saturday, August 8, 2015

falling forward

I haven't been posting as often as before. The truth is I have been in a rut. Life is full of ruts but this rut had me second guessing this blog. But tonight it has been made clear as crystal that I need to continue. This blog isn't about me. This blog isn't for me. This blog is to tell my story, my struggles, my misfits, my triumphs, and to share my faith. Because I am chronically ill. I have ups and downs, good and bad. But I know in my heart I want to help others in any way I can. I want my heart and the goodness in it to spread. I realized tonight that though I may fall it does not mean i am falling backwards in life. Most the time I am falling forward and though it still hurts and is hard I am making progress. You see, the blog is not about me it is about something so much bigger. And if you are ill (diagnosises do not matter I don't compare diseases) I am here for you! I support you as a friend and I know no matter how bad it may seem God loves you so much and has a plan for all of us! Keep trying and pushing forward! Say a prayer because I know he hears you. Always feel free to comment or message me your fighting friend-Chelle