Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Doctor Loophole

Finding doctors. Not hard. Finding doctors who will stick it out. Hard. Am I a broken record? I wish I was a priority in the medical world but the truth is I am not. Why doctor after doctor, guru after guru decide to just ambush me and push me aside because I have a complex condition is truly beyond me. Doctors have you stopped to think about your actions? Maybe just regroup a little. Go over a checklist?? maybe your patients need you and need to know you are reliable. Your staff matters too. Staff doesn't need to be let off the hook either.  Lying and covering helps nobody. That's the point of this message. Be honest in everything you do. There are wonderful caring and compassionate doctors and staff in this world. To them I am very grateful but unfortunately patients are falling through the cracks of selfishness and lack of following through with the oath doctors have taken. Even the super sick people that you would think, "no way could a doctor ignore that" sadly yes they can. If you are in this battle of the doctor loophole keep going. Do not give up because you deserve care! You deserve the right care. The best care you can find. If a specialist is not willing to hold their end sometimes you have to let the wrecklessness go. Your care definetley  doesn't involve anyone's wrecklessness. Be strong in all you do. Don't let anyone make you settle for less than your worth. You are worthy and so is your care from your docs! Xoxo rant over -Chelle