Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Today is simple

Today is a simple rest day for me.
(And Mr. Wrecker) Extra sleeping and laying around I overdid and now my POTS is flared up. Hoping it will settle down with some good quality down time! Pumping some extra formula through my j tube today to a.k.a extra nutrition. My feeds have been low wine my new tube was placed on June but I am slowly making progress with it. Working on scaling off one of my possibly no longer needed medications for anxiety. I originally was misdiagnosed with panic disorder as probably at the least 80% of dysautonomia patients do before a correct diagnosis of our neurotic condition. I am proof to always listen to your gut and don't let a doctor make you feel crazy because you know when you are not. That's such a hard place to be in but keep pushing forward you can do it! God never gives us more than we can handle. I do take anxiety medication in hopes to lessen my ANS triggers or stimuli. I do not have panic disorder to be clear it was a misdiagnosis. They left me on meds to help but we don't know that they are. So now,I get to try to scale down yay! -Chelle