Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Happy National Dog Day

Happy National Dog Day Mr. wrecker! I love you more than words explain. You take care of me when I'll (in all your doggie ways, you are always with me in any mood...boring, sad, frustrated,or mad. You, my dog are my best friend and an amazing comforter when I am sick. May you find joy in your little doggie life your pal-Chelle.    
Today is rest day for me nutrition and fluids. I am coming down off a medicine that was for anxiety (I was misdiagnosed with Panic Disorder (as many do) before they found out what was really wrong, Dysautonomia.) we kept the medicine to help with insomnia. However I am starting to have a rough time falling asleep again. Rest today,no worries, no stress aloud here just me, my loving dog and my slanty  bed. Oh and my fancy lights and calming music... And the Iv pole of course! Om om