Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Dysautonomia Awarness Month!!

As I sit in IV Therapy I figured what better time to post this....(today is a rough one)
Today is October 1st. October is Dysautonomia Awareness Month. Something I hold near to my heart. I suffer from Dysautonomia. I have had Dysautonomia for roughly 8 years but due to this condition being very little know in the medical world... it took 8 years to find a proper diagnosis.(each year without a diagnosis dysautonomia worsens.) And still even with a diagnosis I am far from being well. Dysautonomia is MY reality. Dysautonomia is when the Autonomic Nervous System ...malfunctions causing all kind of different problems. For instance anything the body does automatically is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous system. so things like digesting food, heart rate, breathing those are all controlled by the autonomic nervous system. This neurological condition causes my body all sorts of havoc.. Dysautonomia is little known, some say it's rare but one thing i know is this Condition i live with everyday has little research, Very few doctors even know what this is, I can easily walk into any hospital or doctor's office and no one will know what dysautonomia is, it makes me wonder how many are suffering from such a very real awful disease and receiving no help. Could you imagine what it would be like to go to your doctor and him not knowing what you have wrong with you! That is why awareness is crucial for this disease! Doctors need to know! and better treatments need to be found for patients, so we can have better quality of life, besides doctors offices and hospital beds. We live everyday not knowing how and when... or really I should say how bad our symptoms will be. It's a surprise no one can predict. Cures need to be found! For more information or to donate, (there are a few different ways of awareness this year and supporting Dysautonomia, such as 'tying one on' (a very cute knot bracelet) -Chelle

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