Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Being sick is just so much fun

First my heart goes out to the people involved in the Brussels attack... You are all in my prayers. It breaks my heart to see  our missionaries involved and injured. But if there is one thing I know is trials bring triumph.
Today is trial, I have been really sick the past few days in comparison just in a lot of pain and fatigued. I have had extreme pelvic pain... Had an ultrasound and got some Pyridium today. And if you have ever taken that you'd know how frustrating it is to put through a feeding tube. Will know more in a few days thinking my bladder is inflamed. . I hope this isn't a sign that I have another thing wrong with me....still waiting on my kidney doctor and I will be seeing urologist and I made a consult with my pelvic pain specialist dr Desai (but she is so good people from all over the world come to see her and she is scheduled out so June I will see her) and we assume endometriosis to be the culprit...
update on the medication for my migraines I was talking about, sumatriptan. Well my gi tract doesn't work so my neurologist put me on a shot of sumatriptan. Well I spoke to my neurologist, dr. Saperstein whom I love by the way! He always calls me himself like even over medication issues. He is amazing most doctors have their nurses do that but he wants all the info. (Yes he is that good) anyways so we had a chat about my side effects and he was concerned about the chest pains so severely. He decided it was going into my system too fast via shot form. So we started with pre authorization for a patch that is battery operated that you put on the skin and it delivers the medication that way. Well I got a call today insurance wants me to try the inhaler first. Which I am actually happy because that seems easier to have an inhaler instead of a patch that runs off batteries. So we are. Going to do sumatriptan in an inhaler form for my bad migraines! Fingers crossed! This day 
 is rough I have been in a lot of pain for well a week minus my good day (still in pain but function was high). Idk what's going on. Whatever. This body of mine ! Hoping for healing-Chelle.                                                "we pray for blessings , we pray for peace, comfort for family, protection while we sleep. We pray for healing, for prosperity, we pray for your mighty hands to ease our sufferings, and all the while you hear each spoken need. Yet you love us too much to give us lesser things"-Laura story. 
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