Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Long lost child

Deep within my memory

Where the grass grows to my knees

Where sparrows sing, and all creation speaks to me.

Where clouds rain in noonday sky

With castles, kings, and queens

Where hopes and dreams, and angels’ wings are common things

A long lost child falls behind

And now she is miles and miles from the present time

And just like the birds that fly across the sky
She’s been away awhile
Oh, but I will find her, free from all guile
Beautifully wild
Long lost child (http://www.azlyrics.com/lyrics/mindygledhill/longlostchild.html)          
 looking out the window watching the trees blow in the wind. The sky has been gray. There was a little bit of rainfall earlier. The wind is chaotic, very strong. Even  in The house you can feel it. Warm sweaters and blankets today. This ragged weather leads to a yucky feeling day... I am running an Iv to fight off this bad weather. My mind is running but feels like it's miles away. Bad weather has a way of making me feel funny. I am more POTSie. My body just misfires instead of working in sync or a rhythm.      I have felt prompted to talk about mental health. And mental health care. For years doctor after doctor deemed me "crazy" (as most POTS patients are told out of no knowledge of our disease) seven and a half years I was dramatic, crazy, attention seeking, anxious, depressed, and anorexic?? That did weight on me heavily because I knew deep down inside my heart that I was truly sick. And I was. (Not that any mental illness is not an illness... It just wasn't was was wrong with me) There is probably a lot of misconception on this subject. I think everyone at some point in life struggles with something. It's just part of life... How we grow. But there should be no shame in seeking help with our mental struggle. I honestly think it is so brave to take the step to see a counselor or psychologist. I also think it's wise. In conference not long ago  elder Holland touched on this very subject that we shouldn't be embarrassed or hide our mental illness but to seek help as you would any other sickness via a bad appendix or the flu. We don't think twice we go to the doctor and get the help we need. Mental healthcare should be the same way. We should pray, get priesthood blessing and seek the treatment we need. We must not beat ourselves up either, for having a hard time or going through a rough patch. It's important to remember we are never alone and how we have much heavenly help. We have our loving Heavenly Father, our angels in Heaven, and our angels on earth. This is the talk I am talking about.... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=kNAx2Rgq-uI I told God I'd be his tool and I keep getting the urge to post this and touch on this topic . Hopefully it helps somebody somewhere. We are all different and unique  for a reason so don't compare yourself to others. Let your beautiful light shine bright! And struggles come trials come to build us up. Keep climbing you can do it. I promise!! Lots of love-Chelle