Thursday, March 24, 2016

I am STARVING; rice rice baby

rice rice baby!.... I am literally starving having a feeding tube and a paralyzed stomach doesn't make me not want food. In fact I struggle with feeling starving. Literally. I get all the nutritional values I need through my feeding tube that goes into my small intestine. So it's ok for me to not eat by mouth. In fact it's better. Because my stomach is paralyzed food sits in my stomach for hours even up to days at a time. I pretty much vomit what I eat. (And even then I'm still hungry) it is so annoying wanting to eat always. I am looking into an appetite suppressant (not for weight loss) just for my brain to be like not starving. I mean this is getting ridiculous! I ate jelly beans today which obviously was not a good decision on my part and threw up for half an hour! This is what I deal with so hopefully the rice is plain and I will be okay and feel "better"I'm going to eat this rice now... Or my arm. peace out! I'm starving for a cure-Chelle 
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