Saturday, March 19, 2016

miracles from heaven YAY!

Waiting to go see the movie Miracles from heaven later this afternoon. I have been trying since Wednesday to go see this but my body being its typical self wouldn't allow me to. So I am now impatiently waiting with my feeds.
Just a few more hours! I hope it represents gastroparesis well! I don't want to see this horrid disease that kills be protrayed as no big deal. I will post my "review" later!!! Yay I better be able to take a picture with the cut out of that tree or I might cry I need good gp luck! Or a cure!  Thank goodness I have Gwen Stefani's new album, this is what the truth feels like to keep me entertained in the meantime. much Love-Chelle P.S. My little cousin is doing much better he has gotten out of the icu he has a cracked skull and a plate put in for that. Then a pin in his elbow. What a scary day for his family he fell off a cliff on accident. So send good vibes and prayers to them and thank you for praying for those of you who already have!! XO!    Here is the link to the movie:
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