Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Physical therapy

Me post therapy...SO tired getting an Iv and running feeds holding myself up with the Iv pole haha
Physical therapy has been tough for me. I can go in fine and leave feeling like the walking dead. But today was one of the good sessions where I did my therapy and felt good after! It's always a blind side thought walking through those doors... My therapy remains the same every time but my body reacts differently depending on the day. I keep fighting and often listen to "fight song" by Rachel Platten. Because I still got a lot of fight left in me which is good because I have a long ways to go. ( physical therapy is a treatment for POTS but it does not mean I am healthy or healed it's just suppose to help me. When I was diagnosed with pots I was handed a few pamphlets that made me so frustrated. I will never forget reading about these ladies. One in particular could run five. yes, five miles a day and not walk up a flight of stairs and she wasn't very functional either with daily tasks. I struggle with stairs I honesty thought I had a weird stair phobia from being pushed down them by my sister once when I was little but it actually was my orthostatic intolerance. Not physiological at all. I still can't do the stairs and though I am building muscles I can't go to the mall or any long period of time my body can't tolerate it. It's truly am oddity. one day doing the slide board proudly. I videoed my work ...it wasn't until I got home and watched this short footage I realized I wasn't as strong as I thought that day in fact I down right was still weak after a few months of therapy... But I know if I keep pushing it won't hurt I am afraid of falling but as the new sign I bought the other day says, "but what if I fall? Oh by darling what if you fly?"-Chelle